Sussex Gardens 16 months closure!

We have been given this information by Councillor J-P Floru:

“At a Crossrail Liaison Panel meeting on 11 March I heard that Thames Water intends to close Sussex Gardens for a whacking 16 months!  Admittedly each lane in turn (the other remaining open) – but with diversions in an already crowded area the nuisance will be substantial.

I am trying to press Thames Water to have the period reduced.  They are proposing to line the inside of five water mains underneath Sussex Gardens which suffered damage from the Crossrail works.  All five pipes cannot be closed at the same time, but need to be done in turn, hence 16 months.  However, if they close more than one at any one time then it would be possible to reduce the period.  These mains do not serve the adjacent houses; the five pipes supply areas further afield.
Access to the houses and hotels on Sussex Gardens will remain open.
The works are said to start on 9th June.
All residents should receive a notification from Thames Water.  I have also asked that Thames Water contact the HPEA directly.  PRACT (John Walton) are also on the case.”